Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Like ghosts becoming buildings then ghosts again . . .

". . .i think generally one criticism that i would make about most breakcore related music is its linearity, its 'trackiness'. what i hear played weekly in osaka (and i assume is mostly Peace Off) is a perfect example. one nice sample, maybe a nice beat or two (though sometimes it's complete shite) and then repetition and slight change up for 5 minutes. not to mention ragga as a genre, yeesh. seeing CINDYTALK play out recently reminded me of a certain dimension that this music can exist in. de-linearity, non-structure that is not a simple negation like a single noise signal but music that sounds like ghosts becoming buildings then becoming ghosts again. music that, even as the mp3 player's progress bar advances, ignores it and slips into unpredictable, multi-sonic places. music that goes nowhere, that one can encounter."
(John Sko,Darkmatter Japan)

"Barrage of laptop assaults...
CINDYTALK's Otoya debut created deep and rhythmical sounds
that moved you and paralysed you at the same time."
(Dj an0n,Appliance Japan)

Otoya Kobe,May 2005. Photo by spaewaif.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Stars collide

Cinder watching Kazuya Ishigami(pictured left)and Sunao Inami's laptop expertise at C.U.E. Kobe (9/4/05).Sitting alongside are Norwegian noise-experimentalists Jazzkammer(Lasse Marhaug,centre and John Hegre).
In 2001 whilst doing the DJ mix of FieryPlanetEyes,Cindytalk mixed a Lasse Marhaug track into Stars Collide.

Photo courtesy of C.U.E

Thursday, January 26, 2006

An instant clash of sounds

"... here,we weave in and out of decay and hostility.
here,we crash land,escape,fall and stumble into oblivion...
but open a window and there is an instant clash of sounds
that attempt to obliterate each other,whilst only succeeding
in creating new tones,new textures,new possibilities,
new colours,new..."

(Tokyo, November 2003. Photo by spaewaif)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The beauty of decay

"that moment when pure beauty
shows signs of decay.
that is where i wish to live.
that is where my song is sweetest..."

(Orkney, August 2005. Photo by Toby Reynolds)