Thursday, February 09, 2006

After the fireflies,the candles crackle

"After the Fireflies",a Cindytalk dj mix,prepared for the 60th anniversary
of the Hiroshima atomic bomb,begins with a field recording of the
radiation-like crackling of a candle ceremony in Hiroshima Peace Park.
May 2005.


veiled_in_moonlight said...

Very interesting mix.
Is it ever going to be released?
At least the releasable part. . .Was this any similar to what was "played" in
Bethnal Green last summer?

hichiriki said...

in truth,it was another of those nights where the dj's get shunted about due to bad organisation with the live acts etc.i played some of the gagaku (ancient japanese court music) mixed into "in this world" pt1,followed by other minimal abstract pieces but was never really allowed to get into the flow.probably a blessing,as it propelled me to do the idea justice and complete the "after the fireflies" mix which is now playing on touchedRADIO.

hichiriki said...

released!!? no i doubt it,although it could be given away free as an mp3 download through we can figure out how to do that ;-/

spaewaif said...

Talking of mixing things into previous Cindytalk work,I just loved the bit from "Everybody is Christ" in the Otoya set last May!