Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And two more from Wappinschaw. . .

Andie and Mark with Cindy

Andie says:
"...A few other abortive attempts at forming
or being in bands were made until a nice young
Scottish lady called Gordon Sharp responded to
her advert in Melody Maker and she was whisked off
to the mean streets of Dalston and the Hackney squat scene
to become a member of Cindytalk..."

Photo by Steve Gullick


punk e rave/r said...

a very young mark and andie...both 19 or 20 when this photo was taken.steve gullick took these pictures in drummer paul middleton's 2nd floor room in the ashwin street squat.at the beginning we rehearsed on the third floor (i lived in the basement), after i moved up the road we moved rehearsals to the basement.it was an absolute joy to be able to rehearse whenever we wanted and at no cost.it allowed us so much freedom to explore our live set-up and to keep it changing.it's crucial to
have the time to connect musically with each other when live improvisation (but NOT self-indulgence) are the aim.

i was continually dancing through that whole phase of life,as can be seen from most of the photos steve gullick took of me/us.i couldn't stop myself,it was such an amazing period.better even than the punk and post-punk days of 1977-1981.there was flourishing band activity and a burgeoning hardcore techno(ise) scene.1992-1996,fondly remembered.

mediumasleep said...

Excellent memories shared. Thanks! God, I love this site...

andie said...

ah, them were the days... do you know, you were only a year older then than i am now? and i thought you were sooooooo old! haha! Sorry i missed yer birfdee HP. I'm fine but busy as a bee. will email ya soon, pufff xxx

andie said...

P.s. me Nanna wants her nightie back!