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"In Sunshine"

In 1991,the fanzine GRIM HUMOUR invited Cindytalk to provide an unreleased track on a split 7" with the band SPLINTERED for a limited edition of 500 copies accompanying the fanzine.Pictured above is the test pressing,copy number 001 of said single.(Thanks,Richo).
The fanzine featured an interview with Gordon Sharp.

"Despite still being,in my humble opinion,one of the UK's terminally & criminally most overlooked bands,CINDYTALK have succeeded in becoming a highly fervent creative unit capable of delivering some of the best filmic and abrasive sounds around.The band's mainstay,Gordon Sharp,gels together CINDYTALK's ideas and enthusiasm with a voice permanently locked to a vortex of its own;and one,for that matter,which shouldn’t be instantly dismissed.
Currently at work on their third album,which (even at this early stage) almost traditionally bears very little resemblance to its predecessors ("Camouflage Heart" &"In This World", respectively),CINDYTALK have finally found themselves working as a band again,rather than an assemblage of musicians working for Gordon Sharp.
The sound(s) evident on the excerpts of the new LP I heard after the following interview appear to,on the whole,be more acerbic (with vast,crushing rhythms occasionally reminding me of Zeni Geva) and,I'm certain,will bring many surprises to those of you either already initiated or acquainted. . .And,well,if you're not familiar with the band then be sure to,at least,give them the chance this time around. . .

GH Are you still exploring the same subjects or whatever as when you formed Cindytalk?
GS Er,well. . .I’m not sure what you mean by that.I certainly don't consider Cindytalk
  as really looking at specific subjects.It just looks at whatever it looks at.
GH How much harder or easier is it during the writing process of the new album than,say,
with the first one?
GS It's much the same.
GH But does it take any longer now?
GS No,it's a similar process and,well,it's not something I really spend a lot of time thinking about.As I'm the person who's been in Cindytalk since the beginning anyway,er,starting something new is always interesting.And,with Cindytalk,we start something new all of the time,continually. We keep regenerating,like Dr Who,with a different face and although it's a similar direction,it's an awkard process.Having said that though,that's like generally,because it's always different.
Therefore,it's not the same entirely,as there are always different people and different people have different characters and,whichever way you look at it,the angles that come through are looked and changed.Therefore it changes.
GH Is there any pressure involved? Outside or otherwise?
GS Depends what you mean,exactly. . .
GH OK.In the studio environment?
GS Well,we put ourselves under a bit of pressure just because we want to make sure that what we do is,first and foremost,good for us.And,a close second,that it's of interest to other people.We like to do something that's going to make the group comfortable and also is going to prick the interest of other people.So,there's that pressure there.Up until recently though,there's been very little pressure from the record company,etc.Ever since we came to Midnight some six years ago,there's been no pressure,really,and we've always been allowed to do whatever the fuck we wanted because they've had their trust in us to do what was right for Cindytalk.Therefore,it was right for the record company.The last year,however,things have been harder,in economical terms. Midnight have been standing over our shoulder a little bit and saying“Have you nearly finished yet?.Not an awful lot,admittedly,but I think it's understandable because of the climate.We do work slowly though and if you look at us from many angles,we look like a complete fucking mess... and to us,we do too.But,if you look at us from another angle and see the way that we do work, you'll see that we are quite together in our own way...but it takes a little time to focus. (And,if you're prepared to give us that kinda focus,then you'll get something in the end.
If you're not prepared to give us that time to focus our ideas though,then you might as well not bother).I don't have any complaints though.I fully understand the pressure that's come from Midnight lately.But,there's pressure everywhere though.I mean,fuck,you know! However,that's the only immediate thing for us.
GH Do you actually go into the studio and work on songs whilst there now?
GS Yeah.We've always done that,really.Although,well,it used to be a bit more half and half when it was like three of us working in our bedrooms and writing stuff,but we don't have the equipment anymore.Most of that disappeared when other members disappeared,you know,because it was personal equipment.So,now,we have to use the studio because we're not a live band anymore...although we're struggling to become one!
GH Do you use all of the ideas that bounce around in the studio then? Do they all end up on the record you're working on?
GS We use most of them.I mean,we've got a good attitude in that we're not wasteful...we don't record loads of stuff and then just bin in.We record loads of stuff and if it doesn't work out in one way then,sure as fuck,it will work out in another.We just utilise it all.We use sound as base material to work with and we're very good at exploding stuff and then re-assembling it in a different way or just re-assembling bits of it in a different context.
GH Is there a good,healthy mix of ideas from each person involved?
GS Yeah,they're all mine!
GH I see,you're a tyrant then?
GS (Laughs) No,it's a democracy!Whatever that means!It's a British democracy whereby we all get our say but as long as I get my own way at the end of it all!We're very much a mirror image of, like,Thatcher's Britain!
GH So you don't want to sell any of your records then?!
GS You see,we're miserable bastards!I haven't actually stopped laughing since the first LP yet!
GH Right.It's true that Cindytalk are much of a band again,then?
GS No,it's not anymore of a band than when making either"In This World" or "Camouflage Heart".
We went through a period during the recording of the latest stuff where it was more of a band... there were six of us who were rehearsing together but,unfortunately,there were some people who just were not really into what was going on but weren't prepared to kinda like say that at the time.But that's the same as every record,really.Because we take a long time,we usually have to go through some kind of shit before we get to the end of it.That's another reason why we do take so long,too.It's not just because we're slow bastards but also because we're,erm,well I'm
specifically interested in making records over a long period of time because I think that allows them to move.It actually allows the ideas to breathe and take on the characteristics of the people in it at the time.It's a lot better than having someone who strums away on his guitar and tells the bass player to play that and the drummer to do this or whatever,you know,whereby in ten days they've got twelve songs.I mean,I'm sure there are people who can do that and do it successfully,with a certain amount of quality but,for me,I feel happier when we drag ourselves to what we're doing and make it over a period of time.
GH There's a keen sense of care involved as well,then?
GS Well,also it makes us feel as though we've got a job!
GH Are all of your ideas compatible?
GS That's both a yes and a no answer.That implies that we've got,like,the perfect people in the band and it all works nicely,but it never does.It can never be that compatible.It can only be as compatible as it is and therefore,that's what you do.Do you know what I mean? I've certainly
never been in a band where all the ideas are compatible.That strikes me as being in like fucking Nirvana!
GH So,you'd agree that incompatibility breeds the best results?
GS Both compatibility and incompatibility are useful as long as the energy is channelled
positively.We're just a group of folk who want to do something good and yet are struggling to
put something together which is going to interest people and,most importantly,ourselves.On the way,we've made huge blunders as well as made some really good decisions which have worked really well.If incompatibility overbalances the other side,the good side,then it fucks up and that's how it's been for us over the last couple of months.
GH Earlier,you mentioned about struggling towards live work...are you actually still aiming to play this year,like you were intending to,last year?
GS Cheeky bastard (Laughs)! Er,yeah. . .
GH Can't you elaborate on that?
GS No.
GH Alright,well,do you think you'll be wanting to actually put on some form of show or. . .
GS No,it'll be very simplistic,whereby people will combine abilities,thoughts and ideas and make sound onstage.I like simplicity,and I like the idea of the combination of energies or whatever.To me,that's the best show you can find.There'll be no big deal.We're not going to dress up in fancy clothing or shit like that,you know. . .
GH The Virgin Prunes!
GS Well,I wouldn't knock that!I didn't mean it in terms of me thinking that nobody else should
do it.When the Virgin Prunes started doing what they did,they were fucking brilliant.Yeah,they developed into a self-parody very,very fucking quickly,but just before that,they were excellent.
GH Are you going to try and promote the album when it comes out?
GS I've not really thought about that.We could go around with spray-cans though,because that'll probably be about as good a promotion as we'll get! Or we could try handing out leaflets!
But,no,we’re really not that know,trying to get some gigs together to
promote our next LP is a sophisticated idea!
GH Where do you draw your motivation from at the moment?
GS Each other.Simply.
GH Could you say something about the track,"In Sunshine",that's accompanying this edition of
Grim Humour on the 7"...?
GS Well,the song is about a's about a feeling of a kinda momentary pleasure.
A movement from one place to another.With the eyes even,just looking from one place to another and catching something,you know? "In Sunshine" is simply a glance from one place to the next and seeing something bright.It's a moment captured.
GH Finally,are you still comfortable with the idea of Cindytalk and what it means to you?
GS Yeah. . .
GH I suppose you might view it as a learning process?
GS It's a living process.And,a living process is a learning process as well.I mean,it's everything and it's nothing at the same time.Again,if you looked at us with a microscope,you might see indecision and contradictions but,you know,fine.I'm not afraid or frightened of these things.It's just whatever it is."

And now in sunshine
eyes open
children of saoirse
turning homeward
oh . . .
I’ve imagined
and dreamt
that my sun
is shining
and shaking
with anticipation.
I’ve even danced
without balance
without poise
across the floor
blessed with an awkward grace
corrupt honesty
and obsession
killing you softly


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