Saturday, February 04, 2006

"nothing else existed, no sleeping dreams, no film-like nightmares. . . "

Cindytalk's interest in film is well-known. Cinema samples have been used in tracks and film screenings have graced the live sets.

The album "The Wind is Strong" was originally recorded as a soundtrack for the film "Eclipse",directed by Ivan Unwin, a U.K.-based film-maker who had previously collaborated with Cindytalk on several short films.

Most recently, music has been provided for a film called Madrigal

Italian director Alberto di Gropello has used Cindytalk music in two of his short video films,"Cielo Rosso" (Red Sky,1993) and "Qualcuni sorride,gli altri li conosco di persona"(1993).


my_ain_folk said...

there have been a few films using cindytalk music
over the years.some seen,others not.notably, longtime freeze/cindytalk friends richard hurding and andy mcgregor both produced short films/videos using "the ghost never smiles" and "touched",respectively.

work with ivan unwin started with a short called "the king and queen".this was in the early days after david clancy had departed (late 1984). the band were trying out new musicians one of which was julianne regan (later,all about eve) who was trying out as bass-player (a nod from ivo watts-russell),she didn't work out but she did leave us with a keyboard melody that we reversed and used in the soundtrack to "the king and queen".after that, cindytalk continued working with ivan unwin on the pilot for "an amateur enthusiasts guide to virus deployment",followed by the full length version of the same film finally titled "eclipse".

love that tree picture,thanks paw.

babylab said...

Can't we add a sample from Mike Leigh's "Naked" in "Guts of London" ? ;-)

spaewaif said...

Hmm,interesting information!
From the archive,more film references:
*"My Sun" from "In This World" includes a sample from Jean-Luc Godard's Vivre Sa Vie.
*"Secrets and Falling" features images and samples from the film "El Espiritu De La Colmena" (Spain, 1973) by Victor Erice.
*The song
also contains a few film-related references.
*Bambule,a Cindytalk side-project,is named after an Ulrike Meinhof film.
Oh!And what about The Freeze?
Well,that makes for another post!

spaewaif said...

"Guts of London" too !!!!!!!

trump/et said...

on wappinschaw's "hush",there are sound clips from a documentary about joseph beuys in japan,orson welles' "f for fake" and ken mcmullen's "ghost dance".we had planned to use a fairly large slice of orson welles' "the chimes at midnight" but decided not to... (absolutely nothing to do with the fact that a day or two after we laid down that particular track in the studio,i walked out of a cinema when watching gus van sant's "my own private idaho" because it had the characters voicing exactly the same slice of text i had just sampled.sod's law!)

strump/et said...

don't get me started on fieryplaneteyes...

treading on grass said...

fiery planet what?

labbaby said...

walking out of a cinema should be forbidden ;-p

our_vertov said...

i couldn't breathe.i went back as soon as i had regained my composure,as it were.i rarely leave a film before it ends but it has been known.occasionally a film deserves to be objected to in such a way."my own private idaho" wouldn't have been one i'd walk out on.though,i don't recall it with much affection.

babylab said...

confession # 1 : I walked out while seeing "Beaumarchais, l'insolent".

confession # 2 : I don't regret.

ouch !

ouch said...

serves you right.
four words... la cage aux folles.


labbaby said...

ha ha.

touché !

cindra said...

nitey nite