Saturday, February 04, 2006

Swooshy beats and textures

"I've been a fan of Cindytalk for 20 years;the music is driven by texture as opposed to tune,primal energy rather than the quest for any kind of acceptability.This is the first Cindytalk show in about seven years,it is a short set,very bare,voice,guitar and laptop,very calm,the feather to accompany their hammering DJ set that had cleared the Metro at the start of the week. . . "
(Photo and text by Steve Gullick.Careless Talk Costs Lives, Issue 1 2003)

"Gordon Sharp (and Paul Jones) of Cindytalk does a late night swooshy beats
behind an eerie little couple of songs. Earlier he has had sushi delivered!
OOoh get him ! we say....rock-star....but no....the sushi wasn't ordered!
Someone has had it delivered as a surprise....Spooky and a little embarrassing
but yum veggie sushi is scrummy".
(Delia's gig guide,, September 2003)


officer_dibble said...

where was them gigs at then!!?

hairpin said...

Saturday august 23, 2003
@ the buffalo bar (london, uk)

spaewaif said...

And bambule djed a noize set at the metro bar in london on the 18th...

bambule_commando said...

stevie was absolutely right.those uber cool indie kids in the audience at the metro (oxford st),ran for the hills as soon as i started playing a glorious amalgam of high end sibilence and flickering distortion.most of us are used to low end bass tones but d'ye think that high end shrieks are one of the last sonic taboos?

mediumasleep said...


crackling said...

been thinking that for awhile.the new cindytalk album "the crackle of my soul",spends a lot of time in a high end sibilence swirl. music for dogs ;-)