Sunday, February 26, 2006

Walking and falling

Cindytalk's latest release to date is the remix for Appliance Japan
of a Defeatist track for their Japan Tour 2005.
The track "I walk until I fall" can be heard on
under the title "Up Here in the Clouds".

(Unfortunately,touchedradio is NO LONGER available.
We are currently working on other audio options).


babylab said...

Am I the only one who can't access Aplliance website ? It seems I'm stuck on the intro page... :-(

spaewaif said...

The Appliance site is still under construction but something should be up there in the near future.

cindra said...

i'll see if i can get appliance supremo mik shepherd to visit us and tell us what's going on with the label/defeatist etc

babylab said...

thanks spaewaif !
I thought my good (?) old computer was pulling tricks on me again...

mik an0n said...

Good evening all.
This is just a short introduction to the world of APPLIANCE JAPAN.
The idea of a small independant label was baptised within the confines of CLUB ROCKETS in Osaka in mid 2002 after a chance meeting of the like minds of Takashi Kitagawa & Emi Kato of Niigata and myself.
The label as it now stands started later that year with the release of APPLIANCE 3,a limited edition compilation LP of 100 pressings.
The idea behind the label is to release limited editions of various formats consisting of worldwide artists alongside artists of the burgeoning scene within Japan.
As well as the recent DEFEATIST tour remix CD there is the imminent release of APPLIANCE 4 (due March 23rd 2006).This is another compilation along the same lines as it's predecessor,this time featuring amongst others VIDNA OBMANA,MOTION,ANDREW LILLES,SCANNER,SMALL ROCKS,JANEK SCHAEFER..etc.
Other planned releases include a:
LORAN C raised in captivity CD
VACANT ROOM compilation CD

The web-site is currently under construction.More information will be made available upon the release of APPLIANCE 4.
In the meantime gen can be obtained from here:


spaewaif said...

Thanks for the info and the link,"Mikku"!
Interested in the Vacant Room compilation AND in the next Vacant Room event . . .

hairpin said...

What is vacant room?

cindra said...

cheers mik.look forward to appliance 4 and the rest.

yeti said...

sorry i would've got here earlier but i was watching doctor who in the other room ;-)