Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What is Bambule?

Bambule is a Cindytalk side-project named after an Ulrike Meinhof film. The word "bambule" is of African origin (meaning "riot" or "dance") and also means "mischievous resistance" in old German.


andyhtc said...


Are tracks by Bambule and Cunning Meets Bambule from the same people and the same sessions?

Anonymous said...

it's a messy tale,the bambule one but i'll get to it as soon as i can...

bambule said...

cunning meets bambule 12x2 : praxis 19 (1996)

cunning was simon carmichael,bambule was truth,this record is mainly simon's work.we started it together,from within cindytalk but simon was never a natural cindytalk member and he quickly departed.that created a division within bambule as
well and whilst cindytalk were off on tour in "america" simon took full control.on my return it was decided to change the name of the release from bambule - "songs from the motherbomb" to just "cunning meets bambule".all the titles are mine except "ascent",which was named by simon to mirror the track "descent".cunning was also the name of a bambule track i had titled.

vertical invasion 12 : praxis 29 (2000)

with me on the "vertical invasion" and "joy is the aim" tracks from this particular release are richard young,bassplayer in cindytalk at the time and lucid members dale lloyd and stuart arentzen.i had met dale in seattle in early 1996 when he had come along to see cindytalk play live.we later met with him and a friend to discuss the possible recording and release of a new cindytalk album for the AE label.nothing came of that (ad)venture but we kept in touch and later in the year richie and i travelled from london to seattle to work with dale and stuart on tracks both for cindytalk* and after the flood 2."vertical invasion" and "joy is
the aim" were recorded as cindytalk but i felt they needed as quick a release as possible and as they had been inspired for my part at least,by the techno underground,i thought praxis was the right label to release them,so they mutated
into bambule.they will be re-aligned to cindytalk for the release of "fieryplaneteyes".
shortly afterwards i relocated to columbus,ohio and it took a while to regain focus for the praxis release and also to try to find like-minded people with whom i could work.i travelled to southern california to work with tymothi loving (delayed shock
reaction) who was a friend of a friend.we recorded two tracks "third force" and "tripped wire" **,tymothi did a brilliant job but we never really hit it off and i wasn't particulary happy with those versions,so when it came to putting the praxis release
together i sent both tracks to old friends john and paul healy (somatic responses) who kindly whipped them into shape.addict records and coven h offered to put out the original versions on compilations but i declined as i was still looking for a proper release for them.

(note to self...)
it's far harder to be a non-musician trying to communicate ideas in the techno world (sitting in front of a screen) than it is with a band line-up, talking directly with musicians,sharing ideas and trying things out collectively.must learn to use a

*this session was also the basis of recordings for fieryplaneteyes,as well as the four tracks that this version of cindytalk contributed to after the flood 2.

**i'm sure the track was called "trip wired" when i sent it to wales but when it came back it had mysteriously changed into "tripped wire".were the healy's editorialsing i wonder ;-)