Sunday, July 23, 2006

Loops and Sada Abe


i was dreaming of decay
dreaming of atrophy
mythical goddess of disintegration
of her earthly manifestation
sada abe -
in the realm of the senses
lulled by the most erotic image
ever seen
Sada Abe
hair cascading down her face
knife clenched between her teeth
seconds before she cuts the dick
off her dead lover
for days she carried around
her treasured keepsake
deep deep inside
for days she wandered
beyond passion
beyond pain
beyond passion
beyond pain
beyond passion
beyond pain.


(Yukata girl by Lisa Onomoto,
author as well of the beautiful drawing
on the Transgender Warrior cover).

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Homage to Ashwin Street

"At the beginning we rehearsed on the third floor (i lived in the basement), after i moved up the road we moved rehearsals to the basement.It was an absolute joy to be able to rehearse whenever we wanted and at no cost.
It allowed us so much freedom to explore our live set-up and to keep it changing.It's crucial to have the time to connect musically with each other when live improvisation (but NOT self-indulgence) are the aim".

(Cinder,somewhere else on this blog)

(Photos by spaewaif,circa 2004)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Up here in the Clouds

touchedRADIO tR5 :

"Up here in the clouds",
a collection of old and new
cindytalk idea sketches.

Includes a remix of "Transgender Warrior".

(Unfortunately,touchedradio is NO LONGER available.
We are currently working on other audio options)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

We all dream of Cindy

Rare promo poster for Kangaroo

THAT voice

"I felt like it was the end. I was at the point where I hated my voice. I felt I couldn't turn in any direction because I'd exhausted myself with 'Camouflage Heart'. Then I did two songs for This Mortal Coil, and, to me, that was a lie. I'd gone in and used by voice purely technically. I'd never done that before. I'd always been instinctive about it.This Mortal Coil was an interesting experiment, but I could live without "Kangaroo" quite easily. It doesn't mean anything to me. As a vocal performance, it astonished me, but it also disgusted me. As soon as I sang it, I knew it was a lie. I knew it was a hell of a lot less soulful than anything I did with Cindytalk...
People tell me I'm perverse. Or difficult. That I should sing properly. Like with This Mortal Coil. I can't see it like that. It's not even a matter of compromise. I just can't think that way."
(Melody Maker, April 16, 1988)

Two versions of this single were released:
one with a silver border and one with a red border on the sleeve and labels.

The run-out grooves read «I dream of Cindy».

It entered the UK Indie Chart on 15/9/84 and spent 20 weeks in chart,
peaking at number 2.