Saturday, August 19, 2006

"The path of cindytalk is always a difficult one..."

This E.P. "was sent up as a flair during the recording of Wappinschaw to remind people we were still around and active and the tracks are mainly from that body of work".
"At this point the band had become more of a collective,drawing on musicians from the current line-up as well as the past,John Byrne returned and was joined by Kevin Rich and Daryl Moore (Soul Static Sound)".

Review on Fist Five (1992) by Dean Fist:
"On a different level is the sheer atmosphere of the vastly neglected CINDYTALK with their "SECRETS AND FALLING", MIDNIGHT MUSIC DONG 76 12inch. Far from bludgeoning the senses, this EP dips and soars seeped with atmosphere. There is nothing out of place on this record. The only fault I can find is that there isn't more of it. The emotion of the voice blends into the instrumentation without precendents. Dripping with a Romantic sadness it's a shame that more people don't take more notice".

Cover and sample snippets weaved into the songs from the Victor Erice film "The Spirit of the Beehive"

One of the tracks,"The Moon Above Me", has been added to the player.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Still quietly burning

" my sleep i'm still falling.
when i'm awake, it's just the same.
be there with your arms out-stretched.
across the blighted sky,
a shining star.
quietly burning...
my arms out-stretched will catch it's fall."

Artwork by Kathy Patterson
1-1st vinyl album cover
2-2nd vinyl album cover
3-combined cd cover

Scottish musician and long-time Cindytalk fan Stuart Kemsley
has made a cover version of the track "In This World".
Click on the music icon in the new player to listen to it.