Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Cindytalk: gruppo di frontera, musica unica e vertiginosa"

Contributing vocals,
ideas and inspiration,
Gordon Sharp collaborated
on these two Contempo releases.

"My sun is hanging low in this sky
and beckons me and taunts me
and cries:
(icarus,icarus make love to me)
I'll come to you on wings of snow
I'll come to you on wings of snow
I'll come to you on wings of snow..."

(Words for Black Rose's Moon Love)


spaewaif said...

I have always been curious about this Italian Cindytalk connection...
Though "The Room Inside" might have good things about it,I always find
Mara's voice quite obnoxious (oops!)
However,here is where the true singing genius can be seen at play.
Gordon Sharp provides just the perfect balance and tension in opposition to the other voice.
As a result,the poetry is then found there hiding and falling between the lines,the spaces,
drowning slowly but alwasy present.

spaewaif said...

Hmm...a question:
The words for "Moon Love" appear as written by Mara Bressi AND Gordon Sharp.
However,they seem pure Cindytalk to me...