Tuesday, September 19, 2006

That book...

"He only read from a book & screamed during his set..."
( A Bostonian's reaction)

"What you hear is all that is there.
I see a parallel with Haiku poetry.
The words and the music
are not symbolic of anything.
They are everything."

Cindytalk interview,Melody Maker (April 16), 1988

Photos courtesy of pepe king prawn, live in London 1993/4(?)


jamiritate said...

never seem them pictures before.haha.bobby august with hair!!!

Fish in Autumn said...

But,we want to hear about THE book...

spaewaif said...

Ah! The book...
I briefly saw it once.
It must have been brilliant to listen to all that live.
So many people are used to the same old run down live rock'n'roll antics on stage that the mere thought of somebody reading from a book probably baffled them.
Poetry has always been intrinsic to the work of Cindytalk.
(See comments on "Not so fast, just as loud")

walking wolf said...

hmmm not sure if you'll respond to that question Cindra...
but I just have to ask ! ;-)
do you remember the day you realized poetry would mean so much in your life ?