Sunday, November 26, 2006

Soul Crackle

Floating in the net,
a discussion about
"The Crackle of My Soul"...

"Is it music or noise? Well, I'm no authority... I consider every noise to be music in potential. I liked it though, whatever it was. If life were a stream, this guy would be swimming with the current".
"Wanted a fresh set of ears, cos to me this really IS so different from most noise stuff whose only concern usually is to brutalise and confuse the listener or even most avant-classical stuff which is usually overly technical or dry. This stuff is completely different I think.
"Soul" music indeed".
"It sounds pretty brutal to me."
"To me it sounds "Beautiful". Although I've had my periods of being immersed in noise. This is the thing that interests me about it. The USUAL idea with someone making noise IS brutality. That's why I say that this is completely different. Perhaps we're so used to connecting noise with brutality that we automatically assume it. Jonnyboy saw it as more like "art" which is also something we're used to : noise as art. Noise as beauty maybe is harder to comprehend. Although I'm not presuming my interpretation is the "correct" one. Jonnyboy is right when he says "art" cos this stuff is presented in an "art" way, although there's more to it than that. "Brutal" is also correct. Cindytalk can be very brutal. And "beauty" is also correct.
It's interesting how different people take out of it different things.
Cindytalk is however ALL these things. (And more).
A recurring theme in his career is the juxtaposition of extremes and the collision of opposites".
"Music is a pretty abstract medium though,don't you think? Expressing that which can't be expressed in words etc. That's the strength of music. The traditional rock "narrative" form of music would seem to be a denial of the power of music, putting the importance on the words. Now, there ARE Cindytalk songs with words, and I get kinda frustrated when Sharp doesn't sing cos he's one of my favourite voices. There's a double album called "In This World" where even though I love his voice and his lyrics are great, the 2nd disc which is comprised almost entirely of improvised piano pieces is the one that completely astounds me".
"My definition of noise as opposed to "music", is that noise is something random and unorganised and music is something that is made by a musician and is something that the musician has organised in order to put across a certain feeling or expressiveness or whatever. These tracks are made up of noise but their organisation makes them music, whereas in this definition someone sitting playing the guitar very badly and cliched I would see as "noise".
(Ever heard a room full of teenage guitarists noodling between songs? noise!).
The difference is the expression or "soul" of the musician or artist".
"I posted a while ago some music by Cindytalk that was to all intents and purposes "noise". Except that it wasn't. It was "beauty".The reason why is that it had the order , the symmetry, the proportion.This is what separates it from actual random noise, which doesn't".
"An instinctive grasp of what "beauty" is".

Photo by Steve Gullick and thanks to Cregan for the insightful words.

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It still surprises me that this intelligent discussion of Cindytalk and music got so little response from readers here...