Sunday, December 10, 2006

...The spiritS behind the circus dream...

This photo resurfaced a while ago.
The time?
The people?

"Cindytalk was formed in 1982 by Gordon Sharp (Vocals) and David Clancy (Guitar, Keyboards) from the ashes of Edinburgh based punk/new wave band The Freeze.The Freeze (1976-1982) released two 7inch singles,recorded two John Peel sessions and played extensively around the UK supporting many big name bands of the time. After re-locating to London in 1982,Cindytalk began to work towards their debut album Camouflage Heart,with a newer,darker and more fractured sound that drew much from post-punk and early european industrial music.In 1983 Sharp and Clancy were joined by John Byrne who proved to be a crucial component in Cindytalk's deliberately disintegrating sound..."