Thursday, August 30, 2007

"And now it's playtime"

(CINdY 1985, Abstract Magazine)

I'm with you tonight without mask or clothes
I'm in your hands like a leper I crawl and hide burnt by the sunlight and chased by the cold.
We're in some strangely-lit room no signs of decay until twilight falls over us to show us our way
beyond the comfort of loneliness we follow our footsteps dancing dancing...
I'm lying naked on the floor with my hands held up high
Something is forcing down upon me scarring my body gashing..
A piano plays quietly lullaby-like in the background
Won't you fuck me with your sin
A child rushes into the room,crying... but takes no notice of me lying naked on the floor
She walks over to the window and throws some bread to the birds by the wall
She stands by the window for a while just watching the birds then runs back through the room laughing...
And now it's playtime and some pathway through a laugh and a jolt and a laugh
Your train-stations are my radio-waves
In no mans' land
Some kind of romance
Some kind of romance...

(CINdY 1982)

From ABSTRACT Magazine Issue 5

"Playtime" was especially recorded for this project,it wouldn't exist otherwise.
We wanted to do something short and suggestive rather than structured and clear.
It was a step beyond "Camouflage Heart",though an uneasy,tentative and only partially succesful step".

For the recording of "Playtime",Cindytalk was:
Gordon Sharp: Voice and percussion
Debbie Wright: Voice and instruments
Alex Wright: Instruments
John Byrne: Instruments

Recorded at Alaska Studios,London

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More on the Wrights and Cindytalk


spaewaif said...

For the record,Abstract lists Alex Wright
as "Alik Wright"...?

sniggles said...

who gets the credit for the big hair?

spaewaif said...

Choose your pick..
Big Hair...

noinim said...

hi spaewaif.
yes, i love your Cindytalk page! you have so many pics, many of which i've never seen before. a lot of great info too. and those rare, unreleased tracks are reason enough to make a special visit!! if you don't mind me asking, where did you find them? thanks for reading and sharing.
best, noinim

beyond fashion beyond fame said...

"generally suggests an eye-catching, untidy, tangled, voluminous hairstyle, worn by ... non-conformist of all sexes in the 1980s."