Monday, August 13, 2007


The two bottles found in some Cindytalk-related images come from Smile Magazine,produced by Stewart Home in 1985.
About his graphics,he has said:
" graphics are usually simple. A prime example of this is a photograph of a packet of tea with the word 'FREEDOM' underneath. These two elements set up a simple but effective dialectical opposition between the slogan 'FREEDOM' and the historical reality of the production of tea being based on slavery.
So while there isn't necessarily much visual delectation to be taken from the graphic and it only requires the viewer to look at it for a few minutes, for anyone intelligent enough to understand how the racket we call society is organized, this combo could potentially spark off hours of thought on the inequities of commodity production and the bourgeois world."


cndr said...

brilliant! thank you. stewart home has been an inspiration to cindytalk over the years.respect.

Shiffi Le Soy said...

Hi Spaewaif, I like the "new look" of the blog! Nice one!

spaewaif said...

Hello shiffi!
You busy traveller,you...
I finally took the plunge and upgraded the blog to the beta version.
I had lots of problems with the template for all the changes I had made to it were lost but then what are holidays for?
Have you read the No More Heroes/The Freeze entry?
There's a mention of your friend Tin Tin.