Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Haud yer WHEESHT!"

In January 2007 Cindytalk signed a licensing deal with Italian distributors Abraxas.
A sub-label,Wheesht, will shortly be re-issuing their entire back catalogue,re-mastered and re-packaged.
Wheesht will be "run" by Gordon Sharp and longtime friend Maurizio Fasolo of Italian band Pankow.

Sharps' own label touchedRAW is in the process of releasing three albums:
* Cindytalk - "The Crackle Of My Soul"
* Matt Kinnison - "Evenings Of Ordinary Sand"
* Ship On Fire - "Bits And Bobby August"
London independent label Isolation will release another Cindytalk album, "Up Here In The Clouds" (2007).


Alexei Luthor said...

congratulations!!! Let us know release dates and download stores that it'll be available at when you know. :0)

spaewaif said...

Hello Alexei!
New information will be posted here as soon as it is available.
In the meantime,keep checking!

cinder said...

what an absolute disaster this turned out to be.and what a mistake it was to trust an old friend only to be led like a lamb to the's a cruel fucking