Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Up Here in the Clouds

From Isolation Recordings website:

"For its first CD release of the year,
Isolation is delighted to announce that this will be
Up Here In The Clouds by Cindytalk.
Up Here In The Clouds is a laptop set by Cindytalk,
who for the past 25 years have been beguiling
and challenging listeners with their beautiful,
uncompromising sound.
The album will be released in a limited edition of 500."


spaewaif said...

Limited edition!
How can I pre-book my copies?!

Anonymous said...

very funny!!! by the way it should noted that the photograph used with this isolation myspace profile
was taken by spaewaif,stolen by cinder,abused then handed over to isolation to be used without the photographers's called theft and i
make no apologies...

I follow roots my finger traces said...

And the original would be here: