Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Behind and Beyond


29 Sep 2007, 22:00
Ben Jonson Rd. Stepney Green, London, London and South East E1 3NH
Cost : £3-5
The next QueerBeograd festival
&Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW)

"Cindytalk will be playing their first full line-up gig in over 11 years,we
will be playing as part of the Behind Bars V event at Dame Colet House
in Stepney,east London on Saturday 29th of September.The band for
the night is one of the classic Cindytalk line-ups and alongside Cinder
will feature Paul Middleton on drums & Percussion,Paul Jones on guitar,
Andrea Brown on Bass & Sherrill Crosby on Electronics.The set will also
include a laptop live "dubstep" set by Mark Stephenson as The Mook.
Also playing that night will be Devotchka's Conundrum,HRTK & others."


spaewaif said...

How exciting !!!
And when are you playing in Japan?

AnotherMe said...

This is fantastic. Good wishes.

i'm so old my hair was big said...

sadly,i can't see anybody paying for us to travel to japan to play.there has been two solo laptop gigs by cindytalk in japan,oh and one dj set (with laptop) but a full band cindytalk would cost an arm and a leg &
i need mine so i'm not volunteering.mind you,there's
a certain (big) hair obsessive that visits this blog -
absolutely no idea who it is - maybe we could volunteer their arms,legs,organs etc etc...

spaewaif said...

*THREE* solo laptop gigs,one in Tokyo and two in Kobe...


Otoya Realtime01

Otoya with Noize Creator

Something WILL have to be done about this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could Big Hair Obsessive please get in touch ASAP?

aerosol into jetpacks said...

... but what would cindytalk be without the hair? and this blog without me to point out and celebrate this intergral inspiration? so i'll keep my bits and you keep yr bobs, thank you.

cndr said...

hmmm... spaewaif,i'm beginning to understand why you thought it was me wot was writing the sniggles stuff.it's definately someone who's studied my form and is carrying out some kind of botched plagiarism.

sievecatcher said...

"botched plagiarism"... i believe the kids call it "refix" these days.

radio drill time said...

the kids can call it wot they like and you can ape them too if you wish but i'll call it botched plagiarism awright!

and now it's primadonna time said...

you're just jealous 'cause i'm taking the piss outta you better than you do yourself. so stop being so slack! and then we can all concentrate on more imporatant matters... such as getting cindytalk to japan.