Wednesday, December 19, 2007


December update from Bluesanct Records:

"This is an update on the progress for the CINDYTALK 10".

The vinyl has been mastered direct to lacquer at Golden Mastering (who
were wonderful to work with), and it currently at the record plant. Test
pressings and labels are being made right now.

I hope to have the vinyl soon after New Years, keeping us on schedule for a hopeful FEB 08 release.

Once the vinyl is in hand, I will begin the process of arranging to have
them screenprinted locally by a friend of mine. As well as the process of
having the covers printed by a friend in Chicago.

Once I have quotes on both those portions, I will be able to figure out
the cost for the entire project, and come up with a price to sell them at.
At that point, I will email you all again with info on how to pre-order
the single.

It's going to be GORGEOUS! Wait until you see this thing... wow!

I would like to thank Gordon and the band for letting me release this
single. I hope to work with them again and again, and have dreamed of
such since I first heard 'In This World' in 1987.

Silver Shoals of Light.

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Le Chat Noir said...

Hi there,
Thanks to send every detail as soon as this single comes out!
Best wishes!
Le Chat Noir