Monday, January 28, 2008

Flashback Feedback

The Freeze 1979

David Clancy,co-founder of The Freeze and Cindytalk,recently started a project on youtube to highlight the band's early work.
So far,TheScottishFreeze shares music from 29 tracks, many of which are absolute rarities.An added joy are the comments from band members.

Song recorded in 1979 for a Freeze side-project called "Pinktones":
"I remember that project was on the outside of the Freeze and I always referred to it as Pinktones.
One of the tracks,an instrumental,was often used as intro music at Freeze gigs (when we needed a change from Nico's Frozen Warnings)".
"One of the very early Freeze songs captured live in Blair Street Edinburgh circa 79".
"Underglass" (Instrumental)
"Matt Kinnison plays Bass, David recorded the sax and rhythm on top.
(Can't call it drums because it was his bed, a couple of pillows and if you listen closely a bunch of keys).
This would eventually end up of the first Cindytalk album with guest drummer Mick Harvey of the birthday party doing real drums."
"David recorded the drums using pillows with books under them if I recall.
Oh and you can just about hear the change in his pocket as accidental percussion ;-)
How brilliant was David Clancy!!! This is also the first time we recorded with Matt Kinnison,I think he was 16 at the time,you can hear him say "did you get enough" {bass] at the end.
Wonderful stuff."
"Some Kind Of Journey"
"Somewhere between the Freeze and Cindytalk.This tune probably heralded the end of the Freeze. Bounced at Blair street on reel to reel as it was by David, Gordon and Neil. a jolly good way to spend some time on a wet afternoon in Edinburgh!"
"In A Strange Light"
Recorded live,probably at Linlithgow Academy.
Encore recording.


cindy said...

standing face to face with the freeze... the clenched fist and beautiful heart of peter mitchell....

curious said...

in the picture... from right to left : keith grant playing bass,then shouty sharp face to face with peter mitchell... does anybody know the other faces next to big peter?