Monday, May 05, 2008

Minty Archaeology

Despite having released just two singles,The Freeze's repertoire live was surprisingly large.Some of those songs can be rediscovered in David Clancy's youtube project (see Links list).Last year I came across a four band compilation EP from an Edinburgh label called Playlist Records that contained a Freeze reference.A track by "Twisted Nerve","Neutral Zone",was "based" on a song "written by Gordon Sharp for and perfomed with The Freeze".

Any recollections of this song?


cinder said...

The original "Neutral Zone" (an anti-National Front song) was written collectively by the Freeze as a band.
Twisted Nerve re-wrote it almost entirely but they based it on my lyrics and the chanted part of the song.Makes you wonder why they didn't just write their own song!? Ours was a very popular live song with the crowd singing along so i'm guessing it must have been a compliment.

Burlington Bertie said...

I wonder how many have covered Freeze and Cindytalk songs. My personal favourite is Black Rose covering 'Circle of Shit'. Would anyone be willing to list the 'nods' they know of?