Friday, September 19, 2008

A Day at the Museum

Matt Kinnison's memorial at the London Natural History Museum was a very special event.
Among other things,it involved a quiz where the attendees had to go round the museum's premises answering simple questions relative to stuff Matt had an interest in,therefore interacting with Matt and the place itself.
A previously unreleased track was especially finished for this event and has been added to the player.
"Vitriol In Memoriam" (For Matt) features music composed by Matthew Kinnison and Neil Woodbridge on which Gordon Sharp was invited to sing on.Words come from a poem written by Matt and Gordon some time ago.
A "Matt pack" was given out containing a CD,a booklet of Matt's illustrations,a wooden elephant,a letter by one of Matt's close friends,Sara Crowley,the words for Vitriol (scroll down the page) and a packet of freshly ground coffee!


One of the last band rehearsals Matt attended in 2007 before stopping altogether due to his illness.
Band members at the time (from left to right):
Matt Kinnison,Paul Middleton,Andie Brown,Gordon Sharp.

Matt lost in bass,2007
(Both photos by Shrill)

People standing looking at the sign for Matt's memorial,wondering why the dinosaur was called Matthew Kinnison!

Quote by John Berger found inside the museum's Emerald Room.
John Berger is the author of "Hold Everything Dear",part of the inspiration behind the upcoming Cindytalk release of the same title.
(Photos by Cinder)

Quote on screen (photo by Andie Brown)

Thank you to all those involved in organising the event and those who attended on this very special day.


shrill said...

great tribute to the day and to matt. it was my first time in the natural history museum and it was brilliant! i thank matt for sharing it with us... especially the patterns hidden inside meteorites and the silver wire that grows from inside a rock... in a spiral to the heavens. awesome. and the coffee he gave us was fantastic as well!
thanks to bee and neil too.

spaewaif said...

Shrill,thank you for sharing those fantastic natural bits with us and for the photos!

cinder said...

it was a brilliant day in celebration of matt.neil and B did a great job.the cindytalk family was represented by myself,david ros,paul middleton,andie brown and shrl.the choice of the natural history museum and the fun and games of the "treasure hunt" was brilliant and i'm sure matt would've giggled at our attempts to find the clues.finding the john berger quote in the 'gem' room was a very special moment as was the sign saying matthew kinnison,pointing at "dippy" the diplodocus.i couldn't resist taking a photo of the family looking at the sign then the dinosaur then the sign... cheers matt,we shared the day with fun
and a great sense of certainly wasn't a wake.