Sunday, October 12, 2008


Time Out magazine lists tonight's Cindytalk gig at The Luminaire as one of their Critics' Choice...


cindy said...

as nice as it is to get a critic's choice accolade - especially in a city as massive as london - it would be nice if they actually sent someone along to listen to the music.that way they might be able to comment with a little bit of authority rather than trundle out the same old nonsense.a cursory listen to most of our catalogue,let alone our new material,would surely put to rest some of these ghosts... lazy journalism at it's worst.

spaewaif said...

The least they could do if they add a gig as "Critics' choice" is send somebody to listen and write a review.
But their pre-gig blurb shows they don't really know much about the band so would it help?