Sunday, October 12, 2008

The work behind the silver

Today sees the official release of "SilverShoalsOfLight" on
Bluesanct Records.
This 10" vinyl is a limited edition of only 500 copies on black vinyl with a screenprinted b-side and letter-pressed sleeve.
The sleeve was created by Chicago-based Rebecca Ann Rakstad of
Rar Rar Press.
Rebecca does letterpress printing using handset wood and metal type and a Vandercook Universal I press to stunning results.
Here we have stacks of the printed letter-pressed sleeves:

The offset printed front:

This is the plate on the press for the back side of the sleeve:

Rebecca decided to make a poster with the remaining extra paper and came up with this!:

Type used for the poster:

The vinyl print on the b-side of the record featuring the image at the top of this post was made by Keith Wright at What Press.


Mik Shep said...

Ooh!..that looks lovely.
I gotta have one.(sitting on tatami,rocking back and forth)

cindra said...

will make sure ye get one somehow mik.hope all is well with you and masami.sending

* // said...

what a brilliant job rebecca did with the letter-press covers.i'm personally delighted with them.and those blocks look stunning.looking forward to getting the surprise posters.apparently,they are on their way to japan already,so spaewaif will catch sight of them first ;-)

spaewaif said...

Oh!I am so looking forward to them!!!
The world of printing...
This HAS to be one of my fave postcards recently:
typewriter letterpress printed postcard
And the type pieces!:
Typing TypesTypewriter Types


cndr said...

postcards,hmmmm,now there's a thought.... ;-)

spaewaif said...

I received the letter-press covers and they are beautiful!!!!
The way the letters seem almost translucent and you can actually see what is behind them.
Very good choice of colour too.