Monday, November 03, 2008

"...Outside history is falling like snow..."

In the mid-1970's,Gordon Sharp went to see the legendary Van Der Graaf Generator many times.
They were a fairly strong influence on the music of The Freeze and Cindytalk.
Currently their drummer,Guy Evans,plays with Subterraneans.

Debbie Smith,of SPC Eco,Curve and Echobelly,was in one of London's first lesbian punk bands,Mouth Almighty.
Debbie Wright,once a Cindytalk member,also played with them.

On Dec 10th 2008 Cindytalk have been invited to play a gig alongside Subterraneans and SPC Eco at The Gaff,London.


andre breton said...

“Words make love with one another.”

spaewaif said...

"Screening the past" is such a wonderful resource...
Choreography of Desire is just another example of the reasons why.

cindytalk said...

Apologies to anyone thinking of coming to our gig at the Gaff on Dec 10th.It has been cancelled and it appears as though we were the last to find out about it.We only did so by asking if the gig was actually still on,as we'd noticed it was no longer being mentioned on the promoters myspace page.Apparently we were sent a message via myspace to inform us it was cancelled but it never arrived and nobody bothered to check with us
to make sure we knew - a cursory check on here would've shown we were still advertising the gig!!!We only hope there wasn't anybody coming from far away and had already booked travel & accomodation.Sorry about all of this...