Sunday, November 02, 2008

"Quivering with reflections of the future..."


Water flowing / feather burning
Angelic drone floating
A bell chimes (several times)

The voice

Multitude of sounds - ever heard of sonic constellations ? -
Always up
NOIZE poetry
Almost surrendering
Going UP UP UP

And then


Calmness of the endless horizon
The gentle moving of waves

To the bottom of the sea, she sang (mermaid cindy doll)
Quietly burning / quietly drowning
Caressing guitar chords... unexpected

Down to
The bottom of the sea

Like luminous fishes dancing into the Abyss

That was Cindytalk that night
10/12/08 @ the Luminaire in Kilburn London "

(Photo and text by Fabrice. Many thanks! )


diminished said...

One measly photograph to show for that gig!!? If we needed proof that it was a bit of a damp-squib of a gig that'd be it... sigh.

spaewaif said...

And did anyone put on film the plague in Athens,the death of Socrates,the eruption of Vesubius on AD 79,the execution of Mary Queen of Scots,the fire of London,Napoleon entering Moscow???
A photo does NOT diminish anything!!!
And I have heard sounds that prove how magnificent it was.

bleak said...

excuse me!!! you picked historical events that happened before the invention of photography!!! chances are somebody painted those events from imagination because they were IN the public imagination.i'm allowed to be disappointed aren't i?

Andy said...

You are allowed to be disappointed and I am allowed to explain my point of view - literally.

I was at 12 Club when you played there. It was the first time I'd seen you in years. I learnt one thing very quickly. Immerse yourself in the sound and vision, have nothing peripheral to the performance in front of you. Let it completely pull you in. I find that happens better for me and I get mmore from the experience if I don't stick a camera between my eyes and yours. You played for me that night not my electronic image box.

Can I just add, Fabrice you are a beautiful poet, you captured it perfectly, your words paint a thousand pictures. Even when we are in the same room we do not meet, ahhh.

cndr said...

andy, you will get no argument from me on this fact i had long since worked out that was why we had soundcheck video footage and not gig
footage.i agree withyou comments didn't have you (or anyboy else in particular) in mind at all,
i just feel that the gig was an awful anti-climax and that there has been little documentation and/or response testifies to might not seem damaging to you but it does to us.