Wednesday, March 18, 2009

European Reviews


Approximate English translation by Hoshino:

"This is the 3rd release in the 'Art Series' singles by the friendly BlueSanct label, of which Pantaleimon's 7" 'Under The Water' is also part. In all cases, an artist is asked to compose a track, which then is released in limited edition on vinyl. On the unplayable reverse side,it then features artwork by another artist. The choice for this release was the obscure, yet influencial Cindytalk. This project of the Scottish androgyne Gordon Sharp has been releasing albums since 1983; they vary from chaotic and emotional Sturm und Drag over poetic movielike soundscapes to pastoral neofolk with a noisy edge. Besides this, Gordon Sharp is mostly known for his contributions to This Mortal Coil's debut single '16 Days/Gathering Dust' and the subsequent album "It'll End In Tears". This Mortal Coil was somewhat accessible, Cindytalk rarely are. This 10" also excels in unconventionality. In exactly 5 and half minutes Gordon Sharp and Matt Kinnison lead us through a dark soundscape, mixed with Sharp's half-muttered vocals... to end in Cindytalk's noisy side. They will (hopefully) never get tired of it... This piece wouldn't have been out of place on the more acoustic part of the two-piece 'In This World' or on their soundtrack 'The Wind Is Strong' made for the movie 'Eclipse'. To those who can't get one of the 500 copies of this little gem, there's hope: BlueSanct already hinted that Sharp & Co are again recording. To coincide with this release, Cindytalk have been performing live again for the first time since... 1994(?).
Who will bring them to Belgium soon?"




Anonymous said...

the denizens of darkness strike again with jazzy abandon


cndr said...

aye paul,folk have said some right funny things about us...oh how we tittered at "denizens of darkness"... jazzy abandon is a bit better though,eh.har har.