Friday, May 22, 2009

"Wallace Rise,Old Jack Must Die"

(Illustration for Lanark, Book 4 by Alasdair Gray)

pursue this gold this gift you hold
deep within and deep below
scratch and scrape beneath the surface
using bare hands for purity's sake
pursue this love this breath you take

During the recording of Wappinschaw,
a track titled "Old Jack Must Die" was recorded and discarded later.It was felt at the time that it didn't quite fit in the album as a whole.
The main ideas behind the song were possibly covered by other tracks in the album already and this song was finally shelved.
We are recovering it here in our player to pay further respects to Matt,whose powerful bass so muscularly propels the song forward as the heart of the voice and the network of nerves within guitar and drums propagate the signals.
Impulse for change!

John Maclean,USSR postage stamp 1979

Thursday, May 07, 2009

One year on

"One year on...
One year since the passing of our dear friend Matt Kinnison.
It has been a very very difficult year but it's clear to me that Matt has been with us (all) throughout it all.
We will never be able to write or perform a single song without bringing him with us.

Love you Matt xxx"

(From Cindytalk's myspace)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Rare Rhino

Original August-1979 87x62cm Rock Against Racism
UK Tour Poster with The Freeze included in the line-up.

The Freeze at Ironmills Park, Dalkeith 1979.

Other Freeze flyers, courtesy of
The Edinburgh Gig Archive:

29th November 1978,Freeze & Johnny Colon at Picardy Place.

15th December 1978 The Damned, billed as The Doomed, support band The Freeze.

"Infinite Archive"

From Freeze Set List. . .

(gig at the Milton Hotel,Fort William,1980) Cindytalk Set List...

(from the American tour,1996)

Official tour poster for Cindytalk's 1996 USA tour.
Full color, approx 17" x 22".

(Thanks to Debbie Wright,Daar and Alexei Luthor)

"Nothing Happens in the Absence of Noise"

The latest number of Datacide (10) includes "SilverShoalsOfLight" in one of their DJ charts (DJ Nemeton from Darkmatter Soundsystem).
The 10" is also sold through the related Praxis Records shop.
Datacide and Praxis have been a massive inspiration to Cindytalk since 1993 and it was Christoph Fringeli who first introduced Cinder to the Jacques Attali quote "nothing essential happens in the absence of noise".