Monday, May 04, 2009

"Nothing Happens in the Absence of Noise"

The latest number of Datacide (10) includes "SilverShoalsOfLight" in one of their DJ charts (DJ Nemeton from Darkmatter Soundsystem).
The 10" is also sold through the related Praxis Records shop.
Datacide and Praxis have been a massive inspiration to Cindytalk since 1993 and it was Christoph Fringeli who first introduced Cinder to the Jacques Attali quote "nothing essential happens in the absence of noise".

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cinder said...

many thanks to lauren (nemeton) with helping to get "silver shoals" sold through the praxis shop.i'm not so much of a fan of the current releases from the breakcore related world but i'm still happy to have an association with was a huge inspiration to cindytalk in the early to late 1990's.i still try to buy things from them whenever i have the money - which of course is not very often these days.the last stuff i got was the somatics digital darkness and pure's bodyhammer (which included a collection of his early loop releases.) cx.