Friday, May 22, 2009

"Wallace Rise,Old Jack Must Die"

(Illustration for Lanark, Book 4 by Alasdair Gray)

pursue this gold this gift you hold
deep within and deep below
scratch and scrape beneath the surface
using bare hands for purity's sake
pursue this love this breath you take

During the recording of Wappinschaw,
a track titled "Old Jack Must Die" was recorded and discarded later.It was felt at the time that it didn't quite fit in the album as a whole.
The main ideas behind the song were possibly covered by other tracks in the album already and this song was finally shelved.
We are recovering it here in our player to pay further respects to Matt,whose powerful bass so muscularly propels the song forward as the heart of the voice and the network of nerves within guitar and drums propagate the signals.
Impulse for change!

John Maclean,USSR postage stamp 1979


cinder said...

special thanks must go to timothy wilson (seedhill bruiser) for sending me a taped recording of this.timfy,an old and dear friend reminded me of this track in a recent conversation.i had originally sent him a copy during the wappinschaw recording sessions.
it features matt on bass,paul m on drums,david ros at the desk and quite possibly on guitar too.
i think matt might also be playing another instrument in here as well.paul,can you remember this one? was it just you on drums or was andrew moon playing alongside?
it's not just the bass that excels here but the drums and percussion as well.

spaewaif said...

The percussion here is exquisite.

cinder said...

“Work as if you lived in the early days of a better nation.”—Alasdair Gray.

David Lawrence said...

"The percussion here is exquisite"

Yes, feels very alive. Many thanks for the pleasure to hear this.

paul m said...

I remember the title well but not the music. Very interested to hear again though, is it on line ?


spaewaif said...

Paul,turn up the volume in your computer!!!!

paul m said...

Ahh, so good to hear this again. (couldn't get the embedded player on my other pc so had to wait till my laptop was around to hear it).
This is great, it was taken from the same drum improv sessions as secrets and falling (lp track not the ep), if you listen carefully you can hear the similarities with the drums on the secrets and falling track from Wappinschaw. Its a great example of two drummers working together to create a minimal beat (the oposite ususlly happens when you get two drummers together, they usually compete). Its Andrew Moon and me spazzing out,together with the bass and the voice its great. classic cindytalk.

electricsheep said...

arch can't hear it in here... any chance that you put the on the cindytalk myspace page ?


spaewaif said...

Hello electricsheep!
What seems to be the problem?
When you access Ghost,the music is already on and the first track on the player is "Old Jack Must Die".