Monday, June 01, 2009

"Shapes of Words or Hints of Words"

In 1984,Issue 4 of British magazine "Abstract" published a three-page article about This Mortal Coil.
I am scanning some of it here since it contains a Gordon Sharp photo that you seldom see,together with questions regarding Gordon's work for Ivo's project.

General scans of the magazine:

Scotland's Punk Rock Heritage

Although The Freeze ceased to exist officially by 1982,I was pleasantly surprised to find them mentioned in an American punk magazine last year.
The Issue no. 4 of Loud Fast Rules,published in the summer of 2008,contains a 7-page special titled "Scotland's Punk Rock Heritage".
Consisting basically of the same review found in the punk77 website (click on this post's title to follow the link)),for a band whose discography comprises just two singles,it is quite an achievement to be remembered after so long!
Interestingly,The Freeze item appears on page 66...