Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Last Wednesday (29/7/09) Cinder was invited to sing during the last part of Peter Rehberg's set at Fugue.

Of this completely improvised collaboration,Cinder has said:
"I interacted for the very last part of the set to computer music of an abstract nature but brilliantly filled with implied melody so for me it was perfect to sing to.I didn't do any "big" singing but rather just put a simple human voice into his machine-music.Disembodied but attempting to connect."

Peter Rehberg,also known as Pita and based in Vienna,is author and performer of electronic audio works and operates the Editions Mego label that will release Cindytalk's "The Crackle Of My Soul" in November.

FUGUE is a "weekly intervention from 7-11pm on the 4th floor and roof terrace of 23, providing a safehouse for the unsafe and unfettered with rarest and various accompaniment. Come get lost. "

(Photos by Shrill.Thank you!)

"The Spirit Behind The Circus Dream"

Video uploaded by musicaeternal.
Music by Cindytalk.
Images from David Lynch's "The Elephant Man"