Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"Equally Insignificant" and "Brain Bomb"

Books containing Freeze/Cindytalk references:
Andy Hutchinson's semi-biographical novel and Mark Fleming's "ride through the highs and lows of mental illness experienced by a Scottish twentysomething".
Andy,long-time Freeze/Cindytalk friend,is a regular of this blog.

Fleming is currently the guitarist in the Axidents and was at a gig in Forfar in 1980 when Twisted Nerve covered the Freeze's song Neutral Zone .This is mentioned in the book together with the "hero" painting "Psycho Dalek" on himself while he says that the song itself is "a futuristic masterpiece".

In fact,one of the chapters in the book is also called
Psycho Dalek Nightmares!

(Special thanks to Ken for his always helpful support!)


spaewaif said...

Andy,is that you on the cover of your book?

Andy said...

Yes the picture was taken outside Linlithgow Academy and it seemed a good image for Billy Hunt the charachter in the book whose name is from the Jam song. Everything happens in this guys wake and he's oblivios to the carnage he creates.

spaewaif said...

Hello Andy!
It is a good cover!!!