Tuesday, September 01, 2009

White label

The Archive recently acquired the white label test pressing for The Wind Is Strong.
Cinder mentioned that the handwriting is quite possibly
Nick Ralph's,producer and founder of Midnight Music,the UK post-punk/experimental label active during the 1980s and early 1990s.
Artists on the label included Cindytalk, Robin Hitchcock and The Egyptians, Sad Lovers And Giants,Wolfhounds-who became Moonshake- and MCarthy-who went on to become Stereolab.
Cinder also explained:
"Nick played a huge part in financing,recording and releasing our first 4 albums".


David Lawrence said...

i love McCarthy. I've been on the lookout for any Midnight Music compilations but no luck so far...

Jacob said...

Does this mean there is a chance this album could be reissued, maybe along with Secrets and Falling?

Would be a wonderful addition to the recent reissues of Camoflouge Heart and In This World!

cinder said...

hello jacob, i've been wanting to re-issue "the wind is strong" and "wappinschaw" for ages now but as 3rd and 4th albums in our repertoire they keep getting derailed as both previous re-issue deals went pear-shaped after the initial re-releases of numbers 1 & 2 in the list."the wind is strong" was only issued once in a relatively small print run so it would be nice to get it out sometime."secrets and falling" i'm less sure about as most of the tracks are available (in some form) on wappinschaw, though, if we ever get a decent enough deal we might be able to package them together somehow.

Jacob said...

I look forward to the day that can happen!

Maybe the reissue of Wappinschaw could include the the songs from Secrets and Falling that are not already included (In Sunshine and The Moon Above Me)?

Was the song For the Benefit of All ever on an album?