Saturday, October 03, 2009

"Au coeur de tes oreilles..."

Cindytalk have just started their French tournée!
Yesterday,the band played in Bourdeaux and tonight the noise and crackle melodies move to "Le Floride" in Nantes.


spaewaif said...

We'd lo-----------------ve to hear how the tour progresses!!!

Les Modules Etranges said...

Fifty people moved to see the legendary band and his charismatic transgender singer Gordon Sharp (aka Cinder Flame).
If the band's music has evolved greatly from their seminal debut album CAMOUFLAGE HEART - a tortured post-punk monument with beauty-skinned deep- desire claimed on it's cover is still omnipresent, with a mixture of emotions of an unusual density, the permanent feeling of an artistic endangerment with experimentation and sound seeming to arise from the wildest areas of our subconscious.
Despite the clinical emotional coldness of the audience in Nantes, feedbacks from the band gig is extraordinary here.

spaewaif said...

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Cinder said...

In some ways we owe the good people of Nantes an apology. We found it very difficult to play the night after Bordeaux.Not just because the opening night of our tour in Bx was so monumental but because it's very difficult to do
what we do two nights in a row, back to back.We were emotionally drained by the Bordeaux show - if only there had been night in between... We did our very best in Nantes, we just felt we were a bit below our usual standards and for that we apologise.We'll come back and make it up to you all if we are invited!!!!!!!!

Les Modules Etranges said...

Dear Cinder,

You can make sure we want you back in Nantes asap, Yann & I (and all at Mirena's crew) will make everything possible if you want us to fix another gig next year. Vicky's the Floride's owner for 30 years now, and he was filled with wonder, he told us that we can book as much bands like Cindytalk as we could. The other important point is that you didn't see the pink furry unicorn ;-)
The feedback was really cool and i'm sure there'll be more people the next time (and then more money 4U hehehe) because they have a really good reaction to the gig.
Nevermind my "albert rosenfeld" side, we'll gonna educate these western France rednecks to a superior level of art and feeling ;-)

No ProjeKt said...

Some pictures of the show taken by the photograph Jean D. here


spaewaif said...

Hello No Projekt.
Thanks a lot for the wonderful link.
Great photos!!!!!