Friday, October 09, 2009

Under Full Sail to Cherbourg-Octeville!

Paul Middleton

Guitar: Dan Knowler

Bass Guitar:
Gary Jeff

Electronics: Shrill

Voice/Electronics: Cinder

Cindytalk play at L'Epicentre - Cherbourg-Octeville tomorrow,Oct 10th.

Photography by Jean Delpech


JD said...

Sorry, but there's a mistake : those pictures have been taken during your gig in Nantes (Le Floride).


See you in Marseille (where I come from).

JD said...

Sorry I read too fast. I didn't notice you were announcing the next gig.

See you in Marseille anyway :D

spaewaif said...

Yes,the photos are from Nantes.
Waiting for your Marseille ones too!