Sunday, November 22, 2009

Le discourse du désir,idées et vision

Cindytalk interview in French for Obskure Digital Magazine.
02/10/2009 - Bordeaux
Photo by Max Lachaud

Cindytalk Interview by spaewaif
Broadcasted Nov 23rd 22.30 pm (European time) at Canal Sud,Midi-Pyrenees 31


British music magazine Wire has reviewed
"The Crackle Of My Soul" twice!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Poésie Noise Minimale

"The Crackle Of My Soul" is officially released today on Mego Records.
Described by Cinder as "poésie noise minimale" in a recent interview for Elegy Magazine,this is Cindytalk's first album since the 1995 release of ‘Wappinschaw".
Join this journey of memories and premonitions,of shadows for possible futures...

Available on iTunes
Cindytalk - The Crackle of My Soul

"Today is the official release date of our new album The Crackle of My Soul.It's been a long time coming - I started recording it in Long Beach, California, as early as 2001 and it wasn't properly finished until 2006 in Kobe, Japan.A further 3 years later and it gets a glorious release on a very special label.A massive thank you from Cindytalk to Peter Rehberg and everybody at Editions Mego.They have been wonderful beyond words, exactly the kind of label we always dreamed of being involved with.This is the follow-up to our 1995 album Wappinschaw and though much has been done in between (Bambule,Darkmatter Soundsystem & unfinished album "FieryPlanetEyes") I'm personally very happy with this album as the natural follow-up.
Listen loud and on headphones if you are interested.
Cheers, Cinder x."
(From Cindytalk's myspace blog)

"Since the early ‘80s, Cindytalk has transformed from post-punk band to experimental electronic improvisation ensemble. Eight years in the making, The Crackle of My Soul marks a new transformation of Cindytalk's sound, a new step in the abstraction of the group's music. The sheer fact that it is released by Editions Mego (synonymous with glitch electronica and experimental noise) is a sign one shouldn't ignore. For this outing, Gordon Sharp has worked alone, in three different studios, to concoct a gorgeous set of shimmering high frequencies, delicate rumblings, and obliterating white noise. Forget the song-based approach of the early days: this is sound-sculpting, the transmogrification of raw thoughts into sounds without harnessing them to melodies or beats. The music on The Crackle of My Soul has the depth of Fennesz's best work but some of the harshness found in the works of Kevin Drumm and Pita. It's a subtle blend, a heady one too, as the album takes you on a continuous journey, all tracks sounding like variations on a single theme (except for a quiet piano-based piece). "Signalling Through the Flames" and "Transgender Warrior" (the latter previously released on a 7" EP) are the highlights, but the overall quality of this album is very high, and it is clear that a lot of thought and care have been put into its composition. An impressive comeback."
(by François Couture,review for Allmusic)