Sunday, November 22, 2009

Le discourse du désir,idées et vision

Cindytalk interview in French for Obskure Digital Magazine.
02/10/2009 - Bordeaux
Photo by Max Lachaud

Cindytalk Interview by spaewaif
Broadcasted Nov 23rd 22.30 pm (European time) at Canal Sud,Midi-Pyrenees 31


anonceymouse said...

for those who don't speak francais i recommend for a loose translation. worth the effort. inspiring ideas locked in there imho.

spaewaif said...

It would be nice to post a complete translation but I am afraid that would take me too much time...
However,we might be able to post a download of the radio interview in the near future.

spaewaif said...

Interview audio added.
Simply great!
Scroll down this page to turn off the player at the end first.