Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wind-Swept Crackles and Silent Flames...

Canadian magazine Feedback has reviewed "The Crackle Of My Soul" in their latest issue.

"For something so minimal and pulled back I’m surprised how often I cringed while listening. The deafening high frequencies that Cindytalk plays with are truly astounding, and well shaped. There’s a real eloquence in the way Gordon Sharp brings harsh high ends into collisions with peculiar samples on The Crackle of My Soul. Some tracks, like “Maglev”, are quiet, glitchy compositions that are so minimal it becomes an exercise in attentive listening. Most tracks are slow squeeling drone experiments but listen to it and you’ll hear many pleasant surprises. “Troubled Aria” for instance, brings in wind-swept crackles like a radio tuner gone berserk and “Signalling Through The Flames” consists of six minutes of ringing and vibrating that get consumed into some silent, well, flame I guess.
Cindytalk definitely goes for the abstract and dreary angle on this album with far less rhythm and drone that I’ve heard from them before. So many different elements play into each track that listening to The Crackle is certainly enlightening and very entertaining."

February 3, 2010
Written by kahht


cinder said...

spaewaif, a never-ending array of magnificent photographs... can i have one for "up here in the clouds" please?

nelson staxx said...

great pic, very cindytalk. swept away by the broken blossom gig.