Friday, April 16, 2010

Exotic Resonances

Cindytalk Live ResonanceFM by spaewaif



David Ros

Robert Hampson

Photos by jonny mugwump/Exotic Pylon

Cindytalk Live Improvisations
questions of re-entry 1:
how long now…
100 years tomorrow
guts of london
fibre tension
the anarchist window
questions of re-entry 2 :
hanging in the air
i walk until i fall
from the mountain
questions of re-entry 3 :
we are without words
cloud symphony number 3
the eighth sea
if we meet,we meet in silence
square peg,roufftqqq|||
signalling through the flames
questions of re-entry 4 :
fly away over here
in dust to delight
above the paving stones,the stars
how long now until we disappear

gordon sharp, electronics
paul middleton, drums & percussion
daniel knowler, guitar
gary jeff, bass & percussion
sherrill crosby, electronics
david ros, sound engineer


gregory said...

brilliant!!! would there be a way to get this as a mp3 file? cheers, amadeo

cinder said...

possibly, what's yer email address again?

mitchell said...

Hi Cinder-
Can I send you my email addy on Facebook to get this as well?

Mike Mitchell

spaewaif said...

Hello Amadeo and Mitchell.
The file is already downloadable from the Exotic Pylon site.However,to make it a lot easier for you,I have just changed the settings for my SoundCloud file and if you click on the downward arrow on the right,you should be able to download it.
Failing that,click on Cindytalk Live ResonanceFM link and download directly from SoundCloud.
Hope that helps!

gregory said...

weeheey! soz to be such a daft ignorant computawise :-)
it's downloadin now & that's made my day worth gan thru!!!
warm cuddles

mitchell said...

THANKS SPAEWAIF!!! Sorry I couldn't get to Soundcloud from work to see it was downloadable....