Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cracked and Pitched

"For our opening night we have three awesome live guests for you as well as a synaesthetic overload of sound and texture from the Exotic Pylon Radio Orchestra.We’re feeling very ambitious for this event and are hard working to make it entirely unique.

Cindytalk (live)
Now working with Editions Mego, Gordon Sharp has reinvented the always beautiful and mysterious Cindytalk into an extraordinary improvising unit unravelling an idiosyncratic and abstract cracked ambience pitched in a twilight zone of eerie bliss and searching melancholy. "

The Vortex Jazz Club.August 13th.Tickets £8.

*Cindytalk will also be playing live in Torino,Italy,together with Blind Cave Salamander,on September 1st
at the Cortille della Farmacia.

Cindytalk Live in Cherbourg

Extrait du concert de Cindytalk à Cherbourg le 10 octobre 2009
by Vidéos de Loïc Stervinou + CV (videos).
Concert co filmé avec l'Association Trinity (Trinity webzine) à l'Epicentre.