Sunday, August 01, 2010

"The vortex is the point of maximum energy... All arts approach the conditions of music...The primary pigment of poetry is the IMAGE."

Exotic Pylon Presents
Resonance FM DJ and music journalist Jonny Mugwump brings his Exotic Pylon radio show to the club for a series of bi-monthly events.

Now working with Editions Mego, Gordon Sharp has reinvented the always beautiful and mysterious Cindytalk into an extraordinary improvising unit unravelling an idiosyncratic and abstract cracked ambience pitched in a twilight zone of eerie bliss and searching melancholy.
Sample Cindytalk live from their appearance on Exotic Pylon from earlier this year here:

Position Normal
Woozy sounds and weird Dadaist junkshop collage-pop, unveiling a through-the-looking-glass London – an England that is more real than you realised. Position Normal put together a highly acclaimed show for Exotic Pylon in late 2009 and you can download that here:

Doug Shipton (from Finders Keepers Records and B-Music) will be Djing.
There will be a strong visual element to each event, and the presence of The Exotic Pylon Radio Orchestra, a shifting collective of musicians, non-musicians, artists, writers and freaks, will add a further element of spontaneity.

Photography by Alice Wilby

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