Monday, October 25, 2010

Twelve-Foot Wizé

A Day2 Alliance compilation featuring twelve exclusive tracks and versions by artists on/associated with Bluesanct… what was originally supposed to be a thirteenth anniversary comp has become a fifteenth anniversary comp!

01_ Bronze Float with Okay Baby - Strange New Fall
02_ Caethua - Into the Sea
03_ cindytalk - a distant kite 
04_ Drekka - Revelation Walks in Don Benito
05_ His Obvious Majesty: Lunar Beard - untitled instrumental #2
06_ Nathanael Markham - If you walk out away from here
07_ Annelies Monsere - Shining Road
08_ Odawas - Willow
09_ rivulets - brownies
10_ Static Films - Wedding
11_ Luke Basil - Light Melts Away (rattle remix)
12_ Vollmar - When Love Love Love (VPRO version)
13_ ‘Big Breakfast, Bad Dream’ by Nathan Vollmar
Originally limited to 300 copies,about 100 copies left…
This comp is available FREE with the order of ANYTHING ELSE from the Bluesanct mail order.

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