Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dissolved Boundaries

"Cindytalk are enjoying an increased amount of exposure recently as a result of the trio of fractured ambient albums released by mainstay Gordon Sharp on Editions Mego.It would be a shame if this detracted attention from the full group, whose performance tonight verges on the shamanistic - powerfully dominated by a lucidly funky Paul Middleton on drums.A now wholly improvisatory concern, Dan Knowler's versatile guitar moves everywhere from sheer blizzard to angular Beefheartian flourishes.New recruit Jacob Burns opens up subtle electronic wormholes, Gary Jeff's bass covers dub-like foundations, melodic runs and abstract texture with Sharp's spectrally anguished vocals and body language controlling the overall flow.This emotional maturity allows for that very rare thing : a melting pot where the boundary dissolving of genres results in something genuinely original and uncategorisable."

Supernormal review by Jonny Mugwump for The Wire, October 2011.


cinder said...

i'd just like to say how absolutely thrilled i am that the full band is getting some serious credit for their stellar work of the last few times i've felt a bit uncomfortable with all the attention i've been getting for the editions mego releases but ultimately that can only have helped to propel the full band see paul, gary and dan specifically get heralded is so brilliant i'm totally chuffed.thank you so much jonny, yer a diamond.

cindy x

melvyn gingell said...

Cindytalk at Supernormal,awesome totally improvised set,showing maturity and tons of class,they make Radiohead sound like Bucks Fizz,if you havn't seen them before put them on top of your wish list,you will not be dissapointed,one of the most fascinating and compelling bands I have ever seen.

squarewhteworld said...

I am looking forward to the live album



melvyn gingell said...

Is there to be a live Cinytalk album?,please enlighten me.

Cinder said...

uh'm i suspect that was just wishful thinking on squarewhteworld's part... ;-) we have no plans to release a live album.personally speaking i'm not a big fan of live albums.i see the live experience as an entirely separate discipline to studio recordings and like the idea that the live improvisations are for that moment and that moment alone.there's a magick to that.i wouldn't say never though, if we were ever recorded live properly it could far that just hasn't happened... cindy x