Friday, January 20, 2012


Cindytalk concerts early 2012 :
Thursday 9th February
Friday 17th February
Wednesday 29th February

Inland Journey

"The second in a series of limited edition subscription releases from Lumberton Trading Company, A Question Of Re-Entry contains two tracks of delicately elemental electronic manipulation and spare, melting icicles of piano. The pace is slow, the development considered and the overall effect quite gorgeous. ‘Nanook mit Uentshukumishiteu’ on Side A creaks like a wooden boat rocking gently on the shore, the sun dappling on calm waters as birds fly overhead in the cloudless sky. As the track nears its end the first signs that there are possible dangers afoot begin to manifest themselves. You can almost feel the sky cloud over and the air become colder. The birds that once called above begin to disappear and a dark, desolate sadness prevails. Night falls.
‘A Wolf In Wolf’s Clothing’ is like the morning after. The electronics become almost ear-piercingly sharp at times and evoke the idea of bright sunshine reflecting back off snow. The miniature, granular tinkles that form the track’s backdrop sound like your breath freezing in front of your face and dropping on the compact snow. There’s a very definite shift in tone and texture. Elements of menace encroach from all sides – the deep rumble of glaciers on the move; the barely perceptible whistles of wind biting away at your skin. If ‘Nanook’ was a refreshing exploratory wander along the shoreline then ‘Wolf’ is the perilous journey inland.
As a whole, despite only containing two pieces of music, A Question Of Re-Entry provides an enthralling twenty minutes and showcases two artists working in perfect harmony."
Review of Cindytalk & Philippe Petit, “A Question Of Re-Entry” 
by Steve Dewhurst for Foxy Digitalis

(Cinder photo by Spaewaif) 

Vinyl-sound postcard accompanying the release.