Thursday, February 02, 2012

Caer Odor

Cindytalk & The Chasms vs Bristol...

"I promised myself I wasn't going to gush too much while I wrote this post, I'm going to try my best anyway...

Twenty five years ago I first heard Cindytalk. They changed me.
Twenty five years later I was finally in the position to ask Cindytalk to play a gig with us.
They accepted.
I'm a little bit happy about this.

Cindytalk have been one of the most consistent bands in my life over the last quarter of a century. I mean that on two levels. For one, they've always been there around about my stereo, never too far out of reach to be played when they're needed. And secondly they've always, without exception, released stunning records. I really don't think I can describe their releases in any other way. Simply stunning.

So this gig is going to be just a little bit special for me (and hopefully you too).
Not only are we playing with Cindytalk in one of their very rare excursions outside of London (not counting outside the UK), but there is also local band Eftus Spectun on the bill.
And if that wasn't enough towards the end of their set Cindytalk will be interacting with Blackmass Plastics [Manx born DJ living in Bristol], who will carry on after the band and finish the night off in grand style.
And all this will be taking place in one of the best locations for a gig in the UK, The Cube Cinema in Bristol.

So to recap, I'm a little bit happy about this."

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