Sunday, April 29, 2012

Place At The Bridge

Friday May 4th.
Cindytalk (full band), The Chasms, Blackmass Plastics (dj) & Eftus Spectun at The Cube in Bristol.
8pm / £5 advance, £7 on the door) 

A night of extremely rare live performances by three incredibly special and unique bands. Miss this at your regret.

Cindytalk have been a force of nature since 1982. Under the guidance of the enigmatic Gordon Sharp, Cindytalk have carved out their very own and unique path and have laid down to vinyl some of the most stunning, uncompromising and beautiful records ever made. The Cindytalk live experience is one of a kind, always thrilling, always different. Every single performance is completely unique. This will be one of the rare occasions that Cindytalk will be playing outside of mainland Europe, Japan and London.

The Chasms are a three-piece band: Richard Quirk, baritone guitar; Mike Seed, drums/vocals; and Simon Pott, bass guitar. They record in an isolated barn on the Isle of Man. They make a sound quite unlike anything you've heard before. Their songs are loud, enveloping, literate, beautifully unhinged and fun. This will be one of only two UK shows the Chasms will play in 2012. You'd be totally mental to miss it. "Every now and again something comes along which is truly special... The Chasms' 'Alchemical Postcards' is quite simply THE most extraordinarily glorious, visceral, life-affirming cacophony of screeching guitar noise I've heard in many a long year" (Terrascope).

Blackmass Plastics, a veteran to many a scene, first came to prominence for his releases with the Dead Silence Collective, co-collaborating on some of their early releases for Audio Illusion & SMB records, France.At that time it was hard edged mutant drum & bass and rapidfire electro.He later established his own label 'Thorn Industries' now currently on it's third release.
Being an artist with a breadth of influences from early 90's rave to 80's electro/industrial, Blackmass Plastics diversified, keeping an ear to the ground.It's been a natural progression and recent years have seen a move into modern electro and mutated dub-step.
Opening the night will be Eftus Spectun, another band whose live outings are pretty bloody rare these days. Confusing, divisive, totally focussed and totally uncompromising, Eftus Spectun are sure to boggle the minds of anyone who catches them. Unmissable. 

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