Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fading Lucky

  Cindytalk (solo) will be appearing at Power Lunches  in Dalston on Friday 6th July.
Specially invited by DeadFader   for their new 12" release launch party.


cinder said...

i wonder who put this poster together!!!? it was the nice folks at deadfader so i'm guessing the record label who were a wee bit difficult to deal with. i especially asked them to present our name correctly (without the split) they failed!!!!!! also it's friday 6TH july as opposed to friday 8th which it says here.i personally chose not to re-distribute this particular advertisement based on those stupid errors... :-(

cinder said...

* It WASN'T the nice folks at DeadFader.

Spaewaif said...

To tell the truth,this was just a proof version of the poster,I have now posted the final version.