Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sakura Shuffle

So what 's on the menu for next weekend?

Shuffle, that's what!

On April 6th (Sat.), the Shuffle crew is proud to welcome 
Akira from Gold Experience, along with an0n from Appliance/
The National Grid (Kobe/UK) and Bambule, the DJ alter-ego 

of the world-renowned noise/experimental group Cindytalk.

We'll have food for those who are hungry, drink for those 
who are thirsty, and plenty of good choons from the Shuffle 

Of course, MOFO's Steve Allen aka Halcyon and Zuiryo 
Taniguchi aka Zig-Nine are celebrating their April birthdays 
as well, and will be in serious need of celebratory libations.

So come on down to Soundbar&Club Atlantis (Nakamura-
koen) on April 6th!!!
We'll make sure you catch the first train out the next 
morning for the Hanami Bonanza at Tsuruma-Koen.

さて、ちょっと早いですが 4/6 (土) は???
Shuffle です!!!
今回は Gold Experience の DJ Akira、神戸経由UK出身の
an0n (Appliance/The National Grid)、そして noise/experimental 
ジャンルを代表するグループ・『Cindytalk』から Bambule をお招き

Shuffle キッチンからのまかない料理、Soundbar&Club Atlantis 
(中村公園)の豊富なスピリッツの品揃え、そして Shuffle クルー

そしてひょうきんMOFO'sコンビの Halcyon、Zig-Nine の4月

というわけで 4/6 (土)!!!
Atlantis でお待ちしております!!!

(Via Zuiryo Taniguchi)

                                                      Falling Sakura Petals by SasSak16

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